Backcountry Ascender Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how and when your information is collected, used, and shared by Backcountry Ascender when you, your colleagues, or other users use the Backcountry Ascender platform (which includes the Backcountry Ascender websites, apps and related online services that link to this Privacy Policy, which we call the “Services”).


Backcountry Ascender will collect information from users via Facebook’s application solely for the purpose of creating a better user experience on the application. Backcountry Ascender will only collect the necessary information that is needed to operate this application. We will use contact information to communicate Backcountry Ascender alerts, examples being: platform updates, annual sortie refresh, or red flag warnings. We will not disclose the information that we collect to any party NOT part of the Backcountry Ascender inception or program and none of the information collected from user’s Facebook accounts will be sold to 3rd parties not associated with Backcountry Ascender.