Hello Backcountry Ascenders!

I would like to share with you all the updates we have in store for the 2017/18 Season.

Updated Sorties:  Many of the sorties have been updated with fresh content and to include the AAA curriculum updates.  I would recommend to go through all of your sorties as a refresher.

Required Refreshers:  Avalanche education is an ongoing pursuit that requires yearly proficiency. As such, each level has two sorties that will expire EVERY season and have to be redone.  As soon as you redo these two sorties, you will earn your level badge back. Further, you will not lose points for having done the sorties in previous years, you will earn additional points for doing the refresher exercises!

Prizes: There are even more prizes this year, including up to 30% discounts from FXR, free courses from Ride Rasmussen Style, free courses and discounts from Mountain Skills and Frozen Pirate Snow Services, and more to be announced.   These will be available on the refresher track as well, so don’t delay!  Additionally, prizes will be available to folks who haven’t taken an Avalanche Rescue or Level 1 Avalanche Training yet, but provide proof of registration for an upcoming course this season.  The prize list and schedule will be published very shortly.  Be sure to follow https://www.facebook.com/BackcountryAscender/ for updates!

Awards:  We will be granting official awards at this season’s International Snowmobile Congress for top points in 2017/18 and for top points overall in the following categories:

  • Top Snowmobile Association
  • Top Avalanche Center
  • Top Snowmobile Club
  • Top Rider

Practitioner Level:  Watch for a new level to be released this season.  This Practitioner Level will include more science and proficiency based sorties and will award points for observation, community outreach, and the like.

Badges:  Interested in sharing your accomplishments and showing your pride?  The level badges you have earned will be available in sew on and sticker form.

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